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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Kenny Khoo Reveals 单人套房 Was A Rock’n Roll Song?!

Hello to all The Hidden Gems’ readers!
I have recently gotten an exclusive chance to interview Kenny Khoo 锋泽,
our very own Singaporean singer-songwriter!

Read on to find out more about Kenny, his belief, and his story.

中文版 请按这里

Hello Kenny! Please introduce yourself and your album!

Hi, I'm Kenny Khoo and I'm 25 years old and a singer-songwriter from Singapore.
I have recently launched my debut Mandarin album “Ten Storeys” featuring ten tracks (that has ten stories in it) with various musical styles and heartfelt lyrics, based on my personal observations and experiences.
But in a nutshell, I would say it’s a pop/rock album :)

Who are your mentors and how did they groom you to become who you are today?

I have many mentors but the 2 mentors that I worked most closely with, are Eric (黃韻仁 ) and Xiaohan (小寒). I started from nothing in terms of songwriting and lyrics writing.
They were gracious enough to teach me the craft and consistently check on my progress.
In the whole process of producing the album “Ten Storeys”, we constantly discuss and strategize on how to produce a great album that listeners can relate to.

What are some sources of inspirations when write songs?

Past experiences, observing the surroundings, conversations with friends, reading the news, watching a movie, and many more. All these can aid in the songwriting process.
However, I feel that it’s not enough to rely solely on inspirations to write songs, because inspirations will run dry one day.
Hence, the best way is to just enjoy the process of writing songs. Think of it as playing a game of jigsaw puzzle, joining the bits and pieces (the melody) together.
It’s also important to have the willpower to set writing goals. For example, I will tell myself, '' today I'm going to write a rock song. '' And I will leave the studio only when I have completed the song.
This is a good way to activate the music muscles in the brain.

Are all 10 songs in “Ten Storeys” based on personal experiences?
(If not which ones are?)

Huge portions are based on my personal experiences.
That includes 伤者, 菲尼克斯, 单人套房, 无关勇敢不勇敢, 再不然, 关于我们, and.
(Which means  , 你还吗天, and 亮就分开 are not!)

Do you personally prefer bright songs like "关于我们" or emotional songs like "伤者"?

I'm a greedy person, I love variety.
Therefore I can’t really pick a side. One of my main goals in the album is for every song to have a different vibe, so that when listeners hear each track, they will feel that it is refreshing and not a replicate of the previous song.

Please describe your voice!

Vocal range wise, I'm slightly nearer to being a tenor. There is a certain airiness in my voice that is pretty effective in terms of expressing my emotions.
People tell me that they feel my pain when I sing sad songs.

If you aren't a singer-songwriter now, what would you like to do?

Probably try out acting as a career, because acting was actually my childhood dream as well.
I enjoy acting a lot, just that I sort of put that on hold at the moment as I want to concentrate on pursuing my music career first.

Have you participated in any past competitions/ auditions?

I have participated in just a couple of small-scaled singing competitions when I was a lot younger, but I was still finding my voice at that time. 

What do you think will be different if you were to have gone through a singing competition instead of going the traditional way into the industry?

Assuming I came through a competition and emerged as a winner, releasing a self-penned album after would definitely be a huge plus-point because people would have already recognized me as they have seen me on the television.
It’s easier to gain acceptance in the initial phase. However, with so many singing competitions being held year after year, it is essential for the past winners to continue striving hard in the industry.
Long term wise, the requirements for both methods would work out to be just about the same:
Hard work and dedication.

What are some hard and good times you've been through before you made your debut?

The only hard time I had was when I fell sick with a very high fever to the extent that I had to be taken to the hospital.
That happened halfway through the album production period.
I was so afraid it would be dengue which can be fatal.
Luckily, it was just a minor virus infection.
So, after a week or so, I could get back to work and finish up the album.
It was a huge relief for me as producing this album is really a dream came true.

As for good times, it would be whenever Eric says that the song I had finish writing has potential.
It gives me a great deal of satisfaction because I then know that I’m on the right track.
Also, before I made my debut, I was singing in pubs with my band. After every night of performance, I would feel very happy because I know I brought joy to the audiences.

Is there an untold story you can exclusively share with The Hidden Gems' readers?

My song 单人套房 went through a restructuring phase.
The very first version of the song was a rock’n roll, upbeat song with different lyrics.
Towards the end of the album production, we felt that it didn’t blend in with the rest of the songs because it doesn't match with my personality.
Hence, we finally changed the arrangement as well as the lyrics into the单人套房 you hear now :)

Was there a time you ever felt like giving up on everything you're working on?

Honestly, there isn't any, because I feel that I had put in so much effort in my future career it’s too late to give up.
To me, it’s all or nothing.
I have set a direction in my life and I will do my best to succeed.

What motivates you to keep going?

There are two main factors.
Firstly, it is the love I have for music.
Hearing a good song on the radio gives me a great deal of satisfaction and motivation, hoping one day I can write a song that can reaches out to many people and leaves a positive impact.

Secondly, having a vision is pretty important.
I would constantly dream of having my concert, touring different countries. That seems like a great deal of fun! :)

Some words to say to the younger people in Singapore who dreams to be like you?

I don’t quite believe in talent, I believe in hard work.
I wasn’t born a singer, neither was I born as a songwriter. To be a recording artist today, didn’t happen by an accident, nor by luck.
It was a conscious decision-making process that I made when I was a teenager, finding a direction and purpose in life.  
One thing I would say to younger people is to have an open mind. Try out as many things as you can and see which direction gives you the greatest happiness.
Subsequently, dream big,  but make practical small goals along the way to help yourself achieve it. 

One reason to support Kenny?

Hearing my music is a good way to distress! Hahah!

Some words to your future (Not present!) fans? 

Hi future fans!!
Glad to have you onboard!!!
Stick on this ride with me and I will guarantee you are in for a wonderful time :)

Another big thanks to Lj, and Kenny for taking the time to take this interview!


[独家专访] 肯尼 邱锋泽 的 “单人套房” 原版是 摇滚?!

The Hidden Gems 的读者们 你们好!
我最近独家专访到了一 新加坡本地创作歌肯尼-邱锋泽

英文版 请按这里

你好 肯尼,请简单的自我介绍!

你好 ,我今年25岁, 是来自新加坡的创作歌手 肯尼-邱锋泽。
我最近出了我的第一张华语专辑,Ten Storeys。专辑里头包含了10首 不同音乐风格的歌曲 (10个爱情故事),歌词也都是凭着我个人经验和观察写出来的。
简单来说,”Ten Storeys” 是个摇滚及流行音乐 专辑。


我有很多导师们,但和我一起工作最亲密的两位是 黃韻仁老师小寒老师
在制备这张专辑的整个过程中,我们经常会一起讨论 如何创造一个好专辑的策略。


把写歌当成是在玩拼图,一块一块 (旋律)的拼在一起。

“Ten Storeys” 里的10都是人经验吗?(哪些不是呢?)

包括伤者菲尼克斯 单人套房 无关勇敢不勇敢再不然 关于我们还有灵魂
经典对白 你还好吗  “天亮就分开则不是




我的音域呢 偏向男高音。我的嗓子有点,在表达情绪时还蛮有效的。
有人说 在听我唱伤心歌的时候 能感受到我的悲伤


我很喜欢演戏 但为了要先完成我的音乐创作歌事业,所以暂时把演戏放一边。

你以前有参加过歌唱比赛 或试音活动吗?

在我还很年轻的时候 参加过一些小型歌唱比赛,但我当时还在寻找我的方向。

如果你不是走着这传统的路线 出道,而是经过了一场歌唱比赛胜出 出道的话,和现在会有什么差别呢?

但是,歌唱比赛一场接一场,比赛胜出出道的人 在这音乐圈子内 要很努力地继续奋斗


不好的时光只有一次,是我在专辑筹备的半途中 发高烧病倒了,还被送去了医院。
对我来说 那真的让我感到很庆幸因为完成这张专辑梦想成真

还有,在我出道前,我和我的乐团在酒吧里的每一场演出后,我都会感到很开心,因為我知道 我把欢乐带给了观众们。

你有没有一个能独家和The Hidden Gems 的读者们分享的故事呢?



说真的,没有。因为我觉得我为了这事业付出 了那么多,要放弃已经太迟了






这是当时寻找人生方向年少的我, 小心翼翼做出的选择。


听我的音乐是让你解除压力的好方法! 哈哈!


未来的粉丝们 你们好!!

很谢谢Lj 和 肯尼 抽空接受访问!