Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[PHOTOS] APRINCE SG Departure (20 May 2013)

[사진] 에이프린스 싱가폴 출국 (2013년 5월 20일)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[PHOTOS] APRINCE SG Hi5 session (19 May 2013)

 [사진] 에이프린스 싱가폴 HI5 회 (2013년 5월 19일)

[PHOTOS + COVERAGE] APRINCE SG showcase (18 May 2013)

[사진 + 기사] 에이프린스 싱가폴 쇼케이스 
(2013년 5월 18일)

My weekend was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, much thanks to JNATION Entertainment for the opportunity, I was able to meet A-Prince!
Here is my first write-up for the event!

A-PRINCE debuted with the release of the debut mini album “Hello” on November 6th, 2012.

Two of A-PRINCE’s members – Sung Won and Min Hyuk – had pre-debut activities as a group called TAKEN which released their pre-debut single “Only One” and music video “Young Boy” on November 3rd, 2011.
TAKEN was originally a six member group, but Yoo Jun – one of the lead singers – left the group in January 2012. Member Tae Hyuk left the group in March 2012 and returned to the group not long afterwards. Members Seung Yul and Geon Woo left TAKEN around March 2012.
TAKEN originally debuted under the company Again45 Entertainment, but the remaining three members changed to NEW PLANET Entertainment in spring 2012.
Now they are a 5-member idol boy band under New Planet Entertainment consisting of the leader Sungwon (24), cutie prince Siyoon (18), smiling prince Seungjun (19), sexy prince Minhyuk (21) and their youngest member, Woobin (17) who just had his birthday celebrated at the showcase!

The boys started off the show with "Hello", bringing lots of screams to the seated fans who all held up their fan boards and cameras.
next up was a performance of DBSK's Hug and Mirotic, and they covered the song very well!

After the first 3 songs, they greeted fans, had a talk time with the host, and interacted with the fans with a mini game.
The host, Kenneth from UFM 100.3 taught them a more professional singlish word than "lah", which was "chio" and "swee". It was to describe someone pretty!

The host instructed all the fans to stand up, and played a mini game by asking the members' ideal types of girlfriends, fans have to remain standing if she fits all 5 members' criterias.

Firstly, Leader Sungwon likes girls with long hair and glasses.
Seungjun likes girls with big eyes!
Woobin like girls who wears black clothes.
Minhyuk likes girls who wears sneakers and sport shoes.
Lastly, Siyoon likes feminine girls who wears skirts!
Are you one of their ideal type?

The remaining 5 lucky fans who fits reaches their standards gets to go on stage and have their wish granted!
Most of the fans wanted a hug from every member and all 5 members happily hugged them as requested!

Following up was Sungwon's solo stage. When he came out, sat on a high stool and waited for the song to start playing, he had a very nervous look on his face and even held his heart as if its going to thump out of his chest! He sang really soothingly with emotions and his husky voice,  moving every fan at the showcase!

The host carried out a poster give away session while the other members were getting ready for the next stage. The host asked questions and whoever that can answer the questions will get the posters!

The boys returned with different coloured crew tees and performed "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing" by One Direction.

A dynamic and special dance item was performed by Minhyuk, Siyoo and woobin in black bling jackets and hoods up!

going back in to change, the host came out and "whispered" with his mic the plan of the birthday song for maknae Woobin and everyone was prepared for the surprise. Another Q&A session was held and this time, the 5 lucky fans get to experience the birthday surprise with APRINCE on stage together!

After coming back on stage, they watched a birthday video for woobin from Unity Of Aprince fanbase all over the world and from the fellow members as well.
after the video, the fans and 2 cakes were brought out. Fans sang a birthday song in korean and english.

A-Prince later performed they 3 new songs, "My Lady, "I Love You" and "Mambo" from their upcoming new album, exclusively in Singapore!

To end the showcase, the 5 princes did an encore stage with PSY's Gangnam Style and Gentleman!
fans were laughing and enjoying their encore performance so much ^^

The show ended and proceeded with the VIP's individual photo session.
The rest of the CAT 1 ticket holders headed to queue for the autograph session which was shortly held after the photo session was done!

A-PRINCE ended their day's schedule with The Sheng Shiong Show, performing "Mambo" !