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[TRANS] [Interview w BTOB] TOP idol 偶像特刊 NO.13

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Magazine scans by ivy紫风 on weibo 
via @_melody13 on twitter.
Chinese to English by Love_Jiayi.

BTOB, which have made their debut for a year, are the junior of BEAST and 4MINUTE. Since their trainee period, they had already  sang for lots of concert openings. [They are very honored to be able to be on stage overseas now.] Charismatic boyband BTOB who has finally came to Taiwan, was interviewed by the magazine at the hotel. Members were all polite with excited expressions!

We asked them, having coming to Taiwan for a fanmeet, what was their impression of Taiwan? was it similar to what they've expected? BTOB responded that at the airport, many fans came and they were very touched, Taiwan has left a good impression on them. When mentioning that Taiwan has lots of interesting tourist attractions and popular food spots, they naturally wanted to experience it themselves. [they wanted to try bubble milk tea, fried chicken patties, shaved mango ice, and wanted to see the Taipei101] the members were all suggesting ideas on where to go for leisure, and they were all very cute doing so.

Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Ilhoon and Hyunsik, participated in acting in the drama 'I Live In Cheongdam Dong' before debut, other than singing, the other members want to give a shot in acting too. but, after becoming celebrities, their lifestyle changed. they were paying more attention on their style, looks and presentation. After all, the best efforts were put into their career as singers. [They wish to let everyone see their good performances and best sides of them.]

Leader Eunkwang, was claimed "entertaining", but in fact, all 7 members are very funny in real life. the quiet looking members on the outside are actually very lively and outgoing. 
Hyunsik envies Eunkwang's voice, Minhyuk envies Sungjae's height, Sungjae thinks Minhyuk is very handsome, Eunkwang who tries his best to work out but never suceed in attaining a nice body as Minhyuk's, envies his body.

BTOB have yet to make a collaboration with their senior, BEAST, thus the less intimacy between them two. However, if they happen to collab in music, BTOB has confidence in sparking chemistry between them.

During the interview, their new single was yet to be released,  and will proceed into their comeback period after that. [finally in Taiwan  being excited, with their racing hearts, they wish to have a good time there and hope to see their Taiwan fans soon.] wishes BTOB to benefit a lot from this trip to Taiwan.

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[FAN CHANT] BTOB - Second Confession Fanchant!

oneul-eun goengjanghi
jung-yohan nal-ibnida
han yeoja-ege
dubeonjjae gobaeg-eul
haneun nal-igeodeun-yo
geunyeoege dasi
chaj-agalyeo habnida
gwayeon geunyeoga je
ma-eum-eul bad-ajulkkayo? (Ne~~~)
oneul-eun waenji
neukkim-i johseubnida
jajonsimdo da beoligo
dubeonjjae gobaeg
hago sip-eun mal-i
manh-ado saenglyaghalge
meosjige na byeonhalge
oneulbuteo dasi maeil
gyeon-uwa jignyeocheoleom
meosjin salang-eul haebollae
neol wihae bang an-eseo
teul-eobaghyeo gobaeg yeonseub
neoman-eul wihan selenade
nolaedo yeonseub
neom-eojyeodo dasi il-eona
geogjeonghajima yong-gileul naeja
seotunpyeonjileul sseugo keodalan
gom-inhyeong gong-geub
uliga salanghaessdeon sigando
geutolog kkumgyeol gatdeon sigando
modu (modu) jeonbu (jeonbu) da ij-eul
suga eobsneunde
All day neoman saeng-gaghae
eoje do bam-eul sewossne Girl
gaseum-i dabdabhae
jammos-iluneun bam-e
eotteongayo geudaen
gwaenchanhna bwayo
haluhalu geuttae chueog-e
jeoj-eo him-i deuneyo
eonjelado geudae dol-aondamyeon
nunmul ttawin eobsgessjyo
dubeonjjae naui gobaeg
I want you back baby I swear it’s true
Won’t ever make you jealous,
I’ll make them jealous of you
Come back to me, for eternity
And take a listen to
my 2nd confession please
neowa nan ije sinho
hanaleul kkigoseo maju bwa
eojjeona simjang-i teojyeo
beolil geosman gat-a
nuga geunyeoege
naesalang-eul kyupiteuui
hwasal-eul nallyeojwo nal sallyeojwo
eolas? chologbul-ida!
dol-a ol su iss-eulkka geuttaega dasi
nawa hamkke hal su iss-eulkka geudaega dasi
galosu gil babjib nonhyeondong-ui achim
dasi han beon mas bogo sip-eun
golmoggil-eseoui kiseu
[this italic part may be excluded in some live performances] 
yeojikkeos himgyeowossdeon sigandeul
galsulog huhoeppun-in nanaldeul
modu (modu) jeonbu (jeonbu) da doedolligo sip-eunde
All day neoman saeng-gaghae
eoje do bam-eul sewossne Girl
geudaeneun eotteonji
dol-agago sip-eunde
eotteongayo geudaen
gwaenchanhna bwayo
haluhalu geuttae chueog-e
jeoj-eo him-i deuneyo
eonjelado geudae dol-aondamyeon
nunmul ttawin eobsgessjyo
du beonjjae naui gobaeg
namdeul-ui siseon-i dulyeobjin
anh-a du beonjjae gobaeg
geudaeleul wihan selenade
du beonjjaegobaeg
Throwing away my pride
to ask you to come back
I’ll be your shoulder strap
and you can be my backpack
( gobaek halkke BTOB SA RANG HAE!  )
geuttaelo dasi dol-agago sip-eunde
geudaeneun wae Oh wae
nae mam mollajunayo

eonjelado geudae dol-aondamyeon
nunmul ttawin eobsgessjyo Oh
eotteongayo geudaen
gwaenchanhna bwayo
haluhalu geuttae chueog-e
jeoj-eo him-i deuneyo
eonjelado geudae dol-aondamyeon
nunmul ttawin eobsgessjyo
du beonjjae naui gobaeg

Seo Eunkwang / Lee Minhyuk / Lee Changsub / Lim Hyunsik / Peu ni-el / Jung Ilhoon / Yook Sungjae / BTOB / GO BAEK! 

please refer to this video!!

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