Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[TRANS] BTOB on Singapore's 早报;逗号 Newspaper. (27 Jun 2012 )


which day of the week does Korean boyband BTOB likes best?

New Korean boyband BTOB have debuted not more than half a year, and has came to Singapore for their first mini album promotions.

But these 7 boys are not easy, with their attractive and charismatic dance skills, and explosive voices, they win the hearts of fans!

As juniors of BEAST, 4MINTUTE and G.NA, they hope to do their best and make music of their own style.

Do you like weekdays or weekends?

Track "Monday to Sunday" gives a happy feeling. When asked which day of the week does the member likes, their answers includes Mondays, Fridays and weekends.

Minhyuk says "I like the weekends because it's our rest day, haha ~"

Member Changsub chose Mondays, "after the weekends, Mondays are fresh starts and I'll feel motivated and energetic! "

Sungjae likes Fridays. "It is a day where all our hard work for the whole week ends, I'll feel very satisfied. And I'll also look forward to the weekends."

Filming a kiss scene! So anxious!

In their new song "Irresistible Lips", Minhyuk had to film a kissing scene with actress Seowoo. When asked about his feelings, he said "before filming I felt nervous. But when we started, I was so engrossed I cannot really remember how I was feeling."

Hope to win the Best Rookie Award year end.

To become a skillful idol boyband, Leader Eunkwang revealed that the members are learning how to play musical instruments.

Also, they tried to learn different languages so as to interact more with foreign fans.

Changsub added, that he hopes BTOB's efforts would be recognized and would be awarded the best rookies awards.


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