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[COVERAGE] LUNAFLY From Us To You SG Fanmeeting Press Con (7 Jun 2014)

Multi-talented Korean musicians LUNAFLY is back in Singapore for their 3rd time since May 2013!

The band will be holding a fan meet proudly brought to you by Aurora Borealis.

As the 3 cheerful boys entered the press conference room, they greeted the media with wide smiles.
Questions from the media kick started the press conference.

Q: What was the most interesting gift LUANFLY has ever received from their fans?
Teo: Bra.
Q: What size?
Sam: It was in Mexico in the middle of the concert, it didn’t have a tag but……..
It was quite large…..
Q: Was it thrown to a specific member?
Sam: It was Teo.
Q: So how did you feel about it?
Teo: very strange!

Q: Is there any artistes or song they wish to cover in future?
Teo: Girls Day. (Starts singing Expectation)
Yun: Eric Clapton?
Sam: Snoop Dog. Or really old school ones like Jon Bonjovi.

Q: Since this is the third time LUNAFLY is visiting Singapore, what do they think about Singaporean fans?
Sam: It feels like second home! We feel very comfortable and it’s really good to be able to see so many familiar faces around. It’s like meeting our extended families.

Q: What are some interesting Twitter mentions each member have received, and what kind of mentions they’d like to receive?
Yun: The most common ones would be thing like ”I love you” and “I miss you”, but mentions asking how was my day and sharing what they’ve done themselves for the day are the most interesting
Teo: Fans telling me that they’ve seen me on the streets like in Apgujung, shopping,on the way to the office, and even on busses. Its pretty fascinating because some of the fans runs away after seeing me.

Q: How different would LUNAFLY be now if they have went through the conventional route to fame as compared to breaking into the industry through social media like many others out there?
Teo: It would be pretty much similar because we are a not normal conventional band therefore we do not go through the conventional route to success.
There are no bands now that go through the conventional and traditional way.
Sam: It would be very difficult.

Q: How do you feel about the new album “Special Guy” with a different concept this time as compared to their past albums?
Sam: We had so much fun recording this song as we had never done something like this before, a mix of several different genres. It helped us gow. It was overall a fantastic experience and it is quite a unique song. The producer is right in this room !
Di di did you like it? (to the media about his answer)
Teo: (starts rapping) Di di did you like it? Di did you like it?
Teo and Sam at the same time: ~REMIX!
The two Hi-fived and laughter broke out in the room!

Q: As artistes who started out doing YouTube videos, how do you feel performing on music shows recently to promote your new song?
And who are some of your close celebrity friends?
Sam: Its quite fun for me.
Yun: It gets a little awkward at times and it seems like we are lacking a lot. We need to work harder on performing at music broadcasts! We also got to get to know other artistes as well.
Sam: I’m starting to make more friends now, and Teo actually said I was a looser for not having much celeb friends!
Teo: Yes, Sam has made a lot of friends. EXO, Infinite’s Woohyun..there is no one he doesn’t know (exaggerating) !
Sam about Teo: Teo has Girls’ Generation, Girls Day…
Teo continues: APink, Hello Venus, Dal Shabet, Juniel…
Sam continues: Pussycat Dolls (exaggerating)?
Teo: yeah they are very friendly! Also…Beyonce, very busy.
Sam: But she don’t take your calls does she?

Q: Does LUNAFLY indentify themselves as an Idol band or an Indie band?
Sam: People say we’re indie but actually, we’ve never been involved in the indie scene. We have performed in indie bars before, but we can’t really classify ourselves.
There are a lot of indie labels but we’re in the mainstream label.
Let’s just call us Main indie, Maindie!  

Q: Yun has been casted in dramas before,  what are some roles the other members would like to try?
Sam: Teo would be a good women.
(Teo death glare at Sam)
Teo: I’d like to try couple.
Yun: Who’s the woman? (Referring to what Sam said earlier)
(laughter fills the room)
Sam: I cant play a Korean guy because I look like this..
Teo then mentioned an American actor, suggesting Sam could try that role.
Sam: He’s good looking, and tall and handsome..
Teo: You too.
Sam: (laughs) Thank you. He’s (Teo) being really nice to me today, I don’t know why!
I don’t like being the leading male, so I’d like to try an interesting supporting role.
Q: like comedy? Anti-hero?
Sam: You mean the bad guy? Me? I thought I’m very kind and nice…….or maybe not..
Yun: Mexican gangster.
Teo: Throw and break everything?
Sam: You need to have a moustache.
Teo: I’m growing it.
Sam then counts the number of hair Teo has and concluded that he has 20 strands!!
Teo: Please don’t take picture, my precious moustache!

As the Q&A ended, there was a photo session.

Staff: The photo session will be 5 minutes.
Sam: 5 minutes?! That’s like 300 seconds!

Teo directed the team to the left, middle, and right.
They even posed backwards and did a dramatic cool pose!

Media: Sexy pose!

Sam wrapped the press conference up by unbuttoning Teo’s shirt and showed everyone his collarbone, saying that that’s the main focus!

Article + Photos by Jiayi.

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