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[COVERAGE] Oh My Ghost M&G Media Conference (4 Sept 2015)

The media conference for Oh My Ghost! 我的鬼神君 > started off with a mini photo-time as the main cast, Park Bo Young and Cho Jong Seok came on stage and smiled brightly for the medias.

The first question to all foreign celebrities who come to Singapore for the first time –
“How do you feel about the country?”

Cho Jung Seok: When we arrived last night, on the way to the hotel from the airport, I thought that Singapore is very clean. As we haven’t met a lot of people yet, I think we need to experience a little more in order to really know how we feel about Singapore.

Park Bo Young: I feel the same way. Singapore seems very clean, serene and peaceful. Although I also haven’t met a lot of people, the people I have already met are very kind towards me and I’m very thankful for that!

When asked about the food in Singapore, the actress said that they had tried the famous Chili Crab the previous night, and has heard that Kaya Toast is really delicious, but they haven’t get to try it yet so they hope to try it soon.
The actor added that the crab dish was very unique, interesting and fascinating as they seemed to have used tomato sauce, and he had also actually gave thought about how the recipe to the dish would be like.


1)    To Cho Jung Seok – How was your chemistry with Park Bo Young with scenes when she was possessed?
To Park Bo Young - How close were you to your character when you were acting as the possessed Na Bong Sun?

Cho Jung Seok: When we were filing, we really focused on how to make the scenes more fun and interesting. I think our chemistry comes naturally depending on the situation.
And as for being possessed, it was actually more fun acting with the possessed Na Bong Sun because when I’m acting with the original Na Bong Sun, I was just screaming at her all the time. But when she was possessed, there was more action, more back-and-forth interactions like a game of Ping-Pong.
Park Bo Young: Before the drama started, I was hoping that everyone would be affable towards us as a couple, and I was glad that more people than expected said that we have really good chemistry which helped in the filming.
When acting as the possessed, my actual personality is similar, just that I’m not that hyper all the time.

2)    How is this drama different from other dramas/movies you’ve acted in?
Park Bo Young: I think the difference is that this concept is about being possessed, it is usually associated to being dark, but this drama let me play it out as a fun and happy concept.
Cho Jung Seok: If you put this drama into one sentence, it would be quirky, and being possessed. But when I heard about this drama, I thought it would be very interesting and fun. And then I heard about the story about the assistant being possessed by a ghost, the situation itself sounded very interesting.
Park Bo Young also added, that usually in dramas it’s the guy that seeks for love but in this drama, it is the girl that is more aggressive.

3)    How did you feel about the aggressiveness you’ve just talked about?
Park Bo Young: It was a little difficult. At first there were a lot of embarrassing lines in the script, but as time goes by, I loosen up and told myself that it’s going to be fun, so I slowly get to act them out naturally.

Cho Jung Seok: (In English) I actually don’t like aggressive girls. I don’t like.
But then, it is Park Bo Young being aggressive, so I don’t mind.

4)    Did you have to rehearse a lot for the kissing scenes?
Cho Jung Seok: As it was Bo Young’s first kiss scene, I felt a slight pressure and I tend to get nervous. I also wanted to show my best since its first. It was quite obvious that I was very nervous.
Not much rehearsal was needed and it just came naturally.

Park Bo Young: When we were filming, I got more and more nervous as I film. But I found out that Oppa was even more nervous than me. Later on, everyone made the atmosphere less tense and the kiss just came naturally.

5)    Since there were a lot of kitchen scenes, did you have any difficulties in the training?
Cho Jung Seok: The director doesn’t want any doubles, so we practised a lot in the kitchen and tried to improve our skills.

Park Bo Young: There was a chef who thought us the positioning and posture, and we practised a lot. Now, I’m better in the kitchen and I also learned to make pasta.

6)    Do you have any ghostly encounters before?
Park Bo Young: I haven’t experienced anything yet so far. But I hard oppa has.

Cho Jung Seok: Back in 2005, I had been working on a Musical called “Grease”.  I was about to take a rest in the backstage when a cleaner lady came over and told me to go to the dressing room to rest instead because it is cold here. But I said “It’s okay”.
After I woke up, I realise that it was weird since the area I was resting at was very narrow and no one could go in and out of. I went to ask the others if they saw a cleaner lady, but they said that there was only a cleaning man.
Also, I heard that there had been a fire in the theatre a few years ago and two cleaning ladies passed away because of the fire.
I’m not sure if a really saw a ghost, but I will take it as the lady was just trying to take care of me.

[ BONUS! ]

7)    There’s a very popular aegyo in Korea now called “I had a dream, and I dreamt of a ghost”. Can you please show it to us?

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