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[PHOTOS + FANCAM + COVERAGE] VIZIT Korea 2013 Day 2; NU'EST (26 Oct 2013)

[사진 + 영상 + 기사] 뉴이스트 싱가폴 VIZIT 공연 (2013년 10월 26일)

[HD FANCAM] NU'EST - Hello LIVE in SG (26 Oct 2013)

NU’EST was the highlight for VIZIT Korea 2013 Korea Festival, day 2!
The 5 boys performed 10 songs which includes Beautiful Ghost, Action, Hello, Pretty, Sleep Talking, Introduce Me To Your Noona, Not Over You, Face, Sandy, and lastly, Beautiful Solo!

They kicked off the day with one of their new song, Beautiful Ghost!
Right after the first 2 songs, the boys were sweating buckets!

Here is what they have to say to the fans.
JR: “I’m so thankful that we are invited for this festival as a representative of Korea and that we can be so up close to fans today.”
Baekho: “been awhile since we last performed on stage, so it's a little tough.
I'm so happy to be here today and see all of you.”
Ren: “Thank you so much for inviting us to this beautiful country of Singapore. I hope all of you will enjoy today.”
Minhyun: “I see that so many of you are here. The only thing I can do is to do our best so that you all will have a memorable day today. we'll do our best today, thank you so much.”
Aron: “: I want to thank you guys for coming out today to show your love and support. We would like to thank those people who called us out here for the Korean festival 2013. We hope you guys will have a fun time at the festival and learn all about the Korean culture, history and stuff, and we hope you guys will have fun today watching our stage, so thank you guys!”

The host asked “how do you feel coming back to our sunny island?”, Aron thinks that it is a great pleasure and Singapore is a beautiful country, just like the fans. Also, Baekho mentioned that he would like to visit the “big Ferris wheel” namely, the Singapore Flyer! Since Singapore cuisine is a cannot-miss, Chicken rice and Chilli Crab are in their dinner list tonight!

As compared to their previous visit, this time performing here at VIZIT gave them more chance to perform new songs as their new album was just released not long ago.
NU’EST ended their day with their last song, Beautiful Solo, showering fans with love~

I’m sure all NU’EST fans had fun right? I had!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and video of VIZIT Korea 2013, Day 2. 

Big thanks to Mediacorp Vizpro Intl for the invitation to cover the event.

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