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[PHOTOS + FANCAM + COVERAGE] VIZIT Korea 2013 Day 1; NU'EST & APINK (25 Oct 2013)

[사진 + 영상 + 기사] 에이핑크 & 뉴이스트 싱가폴 VIZIT 공연 
(2013년 10월 25일)

[HD FANCAM] NU'EST - Sleep Talking LIVE in SG (25 Oct 2013)

[HD FANCAM] APINK - No No No LIVE in SG (25 Oct 2013)

VIZIT Korea 2013’s Korea Festival kicked start with a press conference that was graced by the 6 girls of cutie-pie girl group A-PINK, and 5 hot boys of NU’EST!

NU’EST went up on stage in striking red outfits while A-PINK, in pink polka dotted dresses! Actor Sung Dong Il and actress Lee Chae Young were also present at the press conference!

After the short speech from the officials, A-PINK’s Bomi spoke first, mentioning that they were very happy that they could be a part of this year’s line up and are very thankful to fans who showed up to support them. Member Naeun hopes that everyone here enjoy themselves and learn more about the Korean culture through this event.

NU’EST’s English speaking member, Aron, then took over and introduced themselves with their signature slogan, “show time, NU’EST time, Hi we are NU’EST!”
“we want to thank you guys for having us out here today, it’s an honor for us to be here. We hope you guys have fun learning about the Korean food, culture and the people. Thank you for having us out here tonight.” With all that said, Aron passed the mic to his fellow member Baekho.

Baekho also mentioned that it was an honor to grace the event and to be there, not forgetting to show lots of love for KPOP and NU’EST.

Question time!
What can visitors do, eat, and see when they are in Korea?

NU’EST’s Aron answered “If you guys like shopping, you’d want to go to Dong Dae Mun, there is a lot of clothes there and are all very cheap.  You guys can also try out Korean food like Kimbap (Sushi/ Rice roll) and Ddeokbukki (spicy rice cakes). There are a lot of food out there, but I would highly suggest you have FUN in korea.”

A-PINK’s Namjoo wants to recommend you to go to Jeju Island because the scenery there is beautiful and the beach is very nice, where people can receive “healing” there.

Which member in each of the group have the best variety skills?

All the A-PINK members pointed to Bomi ! Bomi admitted that it is because she is very honest and truthful to herself. NU’EST nominated Ren because he imitates girl group dances well and his personality comes out on variety shows.

Will A-PINK ever go for a sexy concept like 4minute or G.NA ?

Eunji mentioned that they are very happy with their concept now despite respecting other groups that has sexy concept, however they love their cutie concept like how they are now… so not as of yet!

A question to NU’EST, which is their favorite songs in their latest album?

Aron picked “Beautiful Ghost” because of the dark and strong feel. 
Ren replied with “Don’t Wear Too Sexy” because the melody was great and the lyrics was meaningful. 
Leader JR liked “Pretty” the most and he also revealed that they will be performing Pretty for the first time, LIVE in Singapore! 
Minhyun chose “I Will Love You more” because it is a ballad song. 
Baekho’s favourite is “Beautiful Ghost”. He really enjoys performing that song, so it’s his number 1!

The two idol groups and all the other VIPs ended their opening words and headed off stage so the opening ceremony can be conducted.

After speeches from different officials, NU’EST performed “Sleep Talking” to wrap up the opening ceremony.
A-PINK then took over the stage for their mini concert “Secret Garden in Singapore”

A-Pink performed a total of 7 songs, which included I Don’t Know, Bubibu, My My, U You, Lovely Day, April 19th, and lastly their new hit song, No No No.

As we all know, it is A-PINK’s first time here in Singapore for a performance therefore having prepared a lot for this day, they are very happy to see their fans in Singapore.

As the MC asked if there are any places the members would like to visit in Singapore, Bomi answered with the famous Merlion and hope to create beautiful memories with her fellow members. Namjoo chose the Marina Bay Sands’ rooftop infinity pool! She really wants to try swimming in there. Hayoung said “for me, I’d love to go to the Istana Park because it is very elegant.”

Mentioning A-Pink in Singapore, they shared that receiving the Newcomer Award at the MAMA Awards back in 2011 meant a lot to them as it was their first ever award after debut.

2 years has passed since then, what changed for the girls? 
“we are getting more responsibility and pressure to perform well now since we’re not rookies anymore.” 

Eunji even said her personality changed! She was once a very shy girl, but now, she is very happy to be able to interact with the fans well. 
Naeun enjoys the fact that more oversea activities are held so she is very pleased to meet fans overseas.

Now, a pretty sensitive question! 
Which member seems to be the most popular in Singapore? 

Chorong nominated Bomi because that is the first name she saw fans holding at the airport after they’ve landed in Singapore.

The MC then asked, which member is the most charismatic and why? Naeun think it’s Hayoung because even though she is the maknae, she is very matured. Hayoung chose Eunji because she is very down to earth and cool. Eunji chose leader Chorong because she is very beautiful~ Chorong picked Bomi because she is always very bright, smiling, and is always there to cheer people up.

After a few more songs and stage games with fans, more questions!

Here are some questions from the fans.

Q1: What is the first thing that comes into the girls mind when they think
of Korea?

Hayoung: for me it is the hanbok. korean traditional clothing. because the color is beautiful and

Q2: What is their favorite food in Singapore?

Eunji: I ate a lot of food in Singapore, but I think its chili crab. I've yet to tried it but I
Definitely want to try it before I leave Singapore.

Q3: If you had a rest day in Singapore, what would you like to do?
Bomi: I don't know... If I have a one rest day, it will be a Merlion park I want to go..

Q4: Is there any skill that you would like to pick up?

Chorong: Yesterday I saw a swimming pool. If i ever have a chance, I’d
like to learn swimming so I get to enjoy the swimming pools.

Q5. Describe a typical Singapore fan.

Naeun: When I first arrived in Singapore, there were a lot of fans waving to us. I’d like
to thank all f you first. First impression of Singaporean fans is that they are very
Passionate  and friendly.

Q6. If you were to recommend a place, what place would you recommend?

Namjoo: Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll definitely recommend Jeju Island because the scenery is really nice and people will get to see the nice fish(?) there.

Close to the end of their mini concert, Naeun said “I think it’s a lovely day today because I get to see all of you very close. Thank you so much for supporting us from far in Singapore. I
think the only way I can pay back your love is to show you guys better performances and
prepare ourselves for better songs. I think we're going to a prepare a better
performance next time, so do support us, okay? Thank you so much”

A-PINK successfully ended their day with No No No, receiving much love from fans.
let’s hope these 5 sunshine girls will be back again soon!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and video of VIZIT Korea 2013, Day 1. 

Big thanks to Mediacorp Vizpro Intl for the invitation to cover the event.

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